Chris Vernon Show - 1/20/22 | All-Star 12

Chris Vernon Show: All-Star 12

On today’s show: NBA All Star Game voting returns + Ja/Luka (3:00) + Grizz fall in Milwaukee + Ziaire down the stretch + missed calls (14:27) + Embiid goes off for 50 (34:05) + news on Rasheed Wallace and why it took so long (42:15) + Lonzo Ball (51:14) + B1OCK PANTH3R (56:15) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:05:54).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/13/22 | That's P

Chris Vernon Show: That’s P

On today’s show: All-Star Game returns and it’s good news for Ja + Grizzlies jersey promotion (8:20). Tigers lose on the road at UCF and why they’re a tough watch (30:44). We’ll give you Reasons To Hate the Minnesota Timberwolves (47:40) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:12:43).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/6/22 | Lookin' Like the Lunch Lady

Chris Vernon Show: Lookin’ Like the Lunch Lady

On today’s show: Lance Stephenson drops 20 in a quarter + Kyrie’s return (8:00). We’ll talk about the call from the Washington Wizards announcer on Kevin Porter Jr’s shot at the end of the game last night (25:28) + Antonio Brown vs the Bucs (44:17) + Reasons to Hate the Detroit Pistons (1:07:00) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:31:32).

Chris Vernon Show - 12/23/21 | Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Chris Vernon Show: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

On today’s show:This is our last live show of 2021. The next time we’re back live will be Monday, January 3rd 2022. Vernon and Roser are headed to Nashville for 49ers/Titans (8:00), MAM Tourney at FedExForum w/ Middle School basketball expert Devin Walker (19:55), Arizona loses to Tennessee (26:36), Grizz/Warriors & NBA Christmas (32:22), Tigers in the Hawaii Bowl (37:40), and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:04:22).

Chris Vernon Show - 12/2/21 | Under the Bus

Chris Vernon Show: Under the Bus

On today’s show: Ja Morant is shooting and not wearing a knee brace (9:40), Tigers lose to Georgia, Penny throws the team under the bus, and other issues (17:53), MLB Lockout (56:36), Reasons to Hate the Oklahoma City Thunder (1:05:00), and Fill In The Blank (1:30:34).

Chris Vernon Show - 11/4/21 | Ice Cream Is Candy

Chris Vernon Show: Ice Cream Is Candy

On today’s show: Grizzlies win again over the Nuggets + welcome back JJJ + MPJ’s hard time in Denver + Desmond Bane + Ja FTs + Kyle at the 4 (8:15), ESPN’s Baxter Holmes released a big story on the Phoenix Suns (48:29) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:21:28).

Chris Vernon Show - 10/21/21 | Peas & Carrots + Grizz Opener

Chris Vernon Show: Peas & Carrots + Grizz Opener

On today’s show: Grizzlies/Cavs, people we met, fans back, Ja’s explosion, 1Q minutes for Ziaire, Melton and Bane, Evan Mobley’s first game, JJJ and everything else from opening night (7:00). AAC expansion with UTSA, Rice, FAU, Charlotte and North Texas (55:20) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:13:45).

Chris Vernon Show - 10/14/21 | Locked Out

Chris Vernon Show: Locked Out

On today’s show: Sam Merrill and his quest for a statue outside FedExForum (12:07), Devin went to Memphis Madness and gives us a full report (20:24). Grizzlies President Jason Wexler joins the show in-studio to talk about the upcoming season including their COVID testing policy and what went into it, what’s different around the arena including new food/beverage/restaurants/merch areas, the new WynnBET Sports Bar inside the Forum, the new partnership with and their blockchain technology, what it’s like being the President of the team, and more (40:14). Kelcey and Devin return and we all play Fill In The Blank, Sucka! (1:25:43)