Chris Vernon Show - 1/13/22 | That's P

Chris Vernon Show: That’s P

On today’s show: All-Star Game returns and it’s good news for Ja + Grizzlies jersey promotion (8:20). Tigers lose on the road at UCF and why they’re a tough watch (30:44). We’ll give you Reasons To Hate the Minnesota Timberwolves (47:40) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:12:43).

Trash talkin’ with Killian Tillie

On this week’s episode of the Just Grizzlies podcast with Kelcey Wright Johnson, she is joined by Killian Tillie who discusses his new contract signing and which vets have helped him develop his game. He also addresses the rumors about the Grizzlies trash talking and describes exactly how he likes to trash talk on the court. The French center also opens up about his infamous pet, his athletic family and much more.

Chris Vernon Show - 1/6/22 | Lookin' Like the Lunch Lady

Chris Vernon Show: Lookin’ Like the Lunch Lady

On today’s show: Lance Stephenson drops 20 in a quarter + Kyrie’s return (8:00). We’ll talk about the call from the Washington Wizards announcer on Kevin Porter Jr’s shot at the end of the game last night (25:28) + Antonio Brown vs the Bucs (44:17) + Reasons to Hate the Detroit Pistons (1:07:00) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:31:32).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/3/22 | We Back!  + 10 Things

Chris Vernon Show: We Back! + 10 Things

On today’s show: With breaking news happening in the sports world every day, here’s our can’t-miss list of headlines from this past weekend.

1. Grizz Rollin’ (13:14)
2. Tigers Blow Out Wichita (30:15)
3. College Football Playoff (39:47)
4. Bowl Games (43:58)
5. NFL (51:00)
6. TV Watching (1:09:24)
7. Antonio Brown (1:21:45)
8. Kevin Porter Jr (1:29:03)
9. Matt Barnes (1:34:50)
10. Grizz/nets (1:43:52)

Shooters shoot with Desmond Bane

On this week’s episode of the Just Grizzlies podcast with Kelcey Wright Johnson, Desmond Bane is candid about the talks surrounding the Most Improved Player award. He also dives into the challenges and successes the Grizzlies have seen in a season with an ever-changing available roster. And of course, Desmond and Kelcey have some fun talking Netflix, TikTok and more.

Chris Vernon Show - 12/23/21 | Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Chris Vernon Show: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

On today’s show:This is our last live show of 2021. The next time we’re back live will be Monday, January 3rd 2022. Vernon and Roser are headed to Nashville for 49ers/Titans (8:00), MAM Tourney at FedExForum w/ Middle School basketball expert Devin Walker (19:55), Arizona loses to Tennessee (26:36), Grizz/Warriors & NBA Christmas (32:22), Tigers in the Hawaii Bowl (37:40), and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:04:22).